Established in 2048 B.S. by social activists and academicians of this region with an aim to impart quality assured education in affordable cost, Siddhartha Gautam Buddha Campus is one of the leading campuses of this region and has become a niche for both quality and public concern. Located at the heart of Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City, SGBC has made significant progression in extending educational programs in different faculties and has been serving the needs of the students from different classes and regions of the nation. Along with the paradigm shift it has made in its fundamental premises, the campus has updated itself in term of its overall quality. Getting accredited by UGC Nepal as QAA certified campus is an assertion of its quality. Strategically, the campus has mapped up its goals and vision and is oriented towards their accomplishment.

With the QAA accreditation, the campus has executed its historical

Responsibilities and has entered new stage of its evolution with even more opportunities and challenges. As being a community based campus, it has also expanded its social relationship with different educational, financial, medical and corporate institutions and has signed MoU with them. This attempt has fostered its image in the society and has opened up many job opportunities for our students. The campus is aiming to develop itself as an ultimate destination for bright scholars organizing different skill development training both for teachers and students, conducting scheduled extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, establishing link with society and obtaining grants from donor agencies.