Provision of Discount, Freeship and Scholarship

  1. Discount of 1000/ for the students who have passed class 12 and Bachelor Level from this
    campus and want to join higher level.
  2. Discount of 50 percent in admission fees for the students who stand first in entrance
  3. Discount of Rs 1500, 1000 and 500 in admission of higher level for the students scoring A+, A
    and B+ in 11 and 12 and 70 % , 65 % and 60 % in Bachelor Level respectively.
  4. Discount of 100% and 67 % for the students standing first in the final and internal examination
  5. Provision of scholarship (5% of total enrolled students) for under privileged, differently able,
    orphans and marginalized groups as per SGBC scholarship guidelines.